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President’s Message

NOLA Jack and Jill

President Elect Mrs. Dione Joseph-Breckenridge



Dear Mothers,


I am deeply humbled and honored to serve as President of the New Orleans Chapter.  I am excited to lead us as we continue to honor our

commitment to develop our children through serving the community.  Our goal is to help them soar to new heights as they participate in leadership development activities and cultural heritage experiences that inspire them to be change agents in our communities.


Our national theme for 2012-2014 is “Power and Potential: Parents Empowering Youth.” Our  national president has a vision of Jack and

Jill being the premier African-American family organization.  She would like to see us embrace our power as mother in the growth and development

of our children.


Our chapter is made up of a phenomenal group of women. We are the ones who are making a difference every day in our communities. We are

also very humble. Rarely do we tell people just how dynamic we are because we are not built that way.  We just go about quietly moving mountains.        A national, regional, and local goal will be to make sure our brand is recognized.


The children of Jack and Jill are just as dynamic as their parents. They just need structure and guidance to help them realize their potential.  It is

much easier to provide this through the “village concept”. Let us continue to live the vision of our founders and support each other on this journey.


Peace and Blessings,

Dione Joseph-Breckenridge


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